Thursday, November 26, 2015

Cathedral Restoration

The Cathedral on Waterloo Street is one of historic churches whose steeples form part of the Saint John skyline. As our historic buildings age, many congregations are not able to keep their buildings in working order.

The Catholic Diocese of Saint John and their contributors are working to restore the landmark Cathedral.

 cathedral restoration3cathedral restoration1

On the project website, the Diocese explains that the goal of improving their building is not the end of their journey. The site explains:

Transformation of the “Waterloo Village” area will become a catalyst for further improvements to the city core, including

  • Integration of social justice and community outreach services.
  • Expansion of the area’s community care services already in place.
  • Re-purposing the former St. Vincent’s High School building.
  • Revitalization of a residential neighbourhood with respite and elder care facilities and safe, desirable and affordable housing.
  • Attracting new business and tourists and fueling economic growth.
  • Bringing residents and visitors back to the area.
    Significant positive historic, cultural, heritage and environmental impact.

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