Tuesday, February 17, 2015

JD Irving Parking

On a typical work day its common to see the block of Elliot Row between Carmarthen Street and Wentworth Street lined on one side with cars. Not many of those cars have residential parking passes hanging from the windows.  That’s because many of those parkers are not Elliot Row residents, but rather employees who work in the JD Irving offices at 300 Union Street. 

Just south of these on street parkers are parking lots that JDI has created after taking down a number of older buildings (many of which were certainly in need of a bulldozer).

JD Irving is proposing to purchase the portion of Elliot Row where many of their workers currently park and merging it with their to-be-rezoned adjacent parking lots to create a large, more efficient parking lot.  JDI dropped a letter with this proposal and the following sketches in mailboxes in the neighbourhood.

elliot parking 2elliot parking

While residential parkers don’t always park on this section of Elliot Row, there are nights when more than one or two cars take up space between Carmarthen and Wentworth. 

Irving Oil Parking lots around the uptown offer off hours parking to their neighbours with friendly signs.  Perhaps, JDI might consider doing the same in an effort to accommodate the neighbours on the slowly improving Elliot Row.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm a reporter for CBC News in Saint John and I'm wondering if you would be interested in speaking about this. My email is matthew.bingley@cbc.ca

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