Thursday, January 8, 2015

St. Vincent’s Development–Zoning Amendment

There is a proposal to convert the former St. Vincent’s High School building into multi-family housing.  The public notice relating to the meeting was published in the Telegraph Journal and is reproduced (in part) below:

cliff street public notice

The property is currently zoned Major Community Facility (under the recently adopted zoning by-law). This makes sense considering the history as a school and its proximity to a church and hospital. 

However, considering the fact that the city appears to have a surplus of urban high schools (as St. Vincent’s has not been used for this in years), another use may be more appropriate.  The “Urban Centre Residential” zone that is being proposed for the subject, surrounds the area and appears to be a more practical use. 

Having more people in quality housing in this neighbourhood would be positive. Underutilized schools don’t make great neighbours, after all.

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