Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Churches for Sale

Last night on CTV there was a segment about various churches for sale around the city of Saint John.  The story explains that there are at least a dozen churches for sale and that this number has climbed in the last year.

While not included in the story, it is worth noting that several church properties have been repurposed in recent years:

  • Waterloo Street Baptist will become the Outflow Men’s Homeless Shelter
  • The former Baptist church on Danells Drive is now home to the Mosher Chedore law firm.
  • While the church came down Safe Harbour is building a youth shelter on a former Anglican Church site in the south end
  • When Main Street Baptist moved to its new location and rebranded as River Cross they did not leave their old church empty, instead they kept up a wide variety of community service mission work in the space in the north end
  • The Gothic Arches sold after years of redevelopment speculation.

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