Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Waste Management

Mayor Mel Norton has been trying to get the public thinking about what Saint John’s solid waste management future will look like.  He had a full page spread with a commentary in the Telegraph Journal over the weekend and has posted his ideas online at: http://melnortonsj.ca/a-community-vision-for-our-budget-time-to-put-our-money-where-our-mouth-is/

Basically, as I understand it, there are three options for waste management going forward.

1. Status Quo (garbage and compost collection at the curb, with blue bins for recycling around town).  Due to aging composting facilities there would be additional costs to maintaining compost

2. Garbage collection and recycling collection at the curb, with no compost separation from regular garbage.

3. Add recyclable collection to garbage and compost collection.

The mayor points out that choosing an alternative will have its challenges:

A decision to choose option 3 will undoubtedly engender backlash and harsh criticism from those who are financially conservative. A decision to stay with the status quo or a move to option 2 will absolutely result in backlash and criticism from those who view option 3 as the most progressive environmental and socially-responsible option.

Not one of the options presents a perfect solution.  All of the options will have their critics and their supporters

I can see the other challenge in making the decision will be reluctance to change.

Council is looking for feedback so, review the mayor’s full commentary and think about it.

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