Friday, May 16, 2014

Prince William Street teardown

The building at 169-171 Prince William Street is slated to be torn down according to a 94.1 FM News article

I was surprised by the announcement, as the “Practical Conservation Guideline” for dealing with properties in the Heritage Conservation Areas indicates that a building must be listed for sale on the Multiple Listing Service for six months before it can be torn down.

I can’t find record of the property being listed in recent years, so there may be a work around for this rule.


Anonymous said...

I think the building is in danger of collapse. I've heard it is vacant and in danger of crumbling onto the street below.

christopher said...

The newly updated Google street view pictures from May 2013 show the building with what looks like For Sale signs in the windows.

Little Brother said...

The information sheet from the City says an owner has to list the property for sale using MLS.

The signs in the window seem to be "for lease" signs.

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