Monday, May 19, 2014

Former Paramount Theatre


As the site of the former Paramount Theatre becomes more and more level, I am wondering what the new open space could mean for uptown.  While surface parking could well be in the cards, the fact that there is a big open space near King Square could lead to a few other developments or ideas. 

I wonder if the open space will provide better lighting and security for the back of several Union Street locales, possibly allowing for up-grades.

Another thing that could come out of the increase in open space is a new venue for food trucks.  The City might allow for such a use and it wouldn’t even disrupt existing parking (City regulations). With one food truck on the boardwalk (Beaver Tails) and another in KV (Funky Monkey) there could be enough appetite growing in this type of business.


Anonymous said...

The owner has already stated he plans to make it a parking lot, just like the parking lot he created on the site of another former movie theatre also at King's Square. So sad.

Little Brother said...

As with most owners I imagine the owner of this site would want to maximize the income potential of the site.

With so much parking uptown, presumably traditional surface parking won't be the best use of land forever.

S.W. said...

Sorry, my comment has nothing to do with this article, but I didnt know any other way to contact you. I have a property on Waterloo St that I am trying to sell. I would even consider donating it to a good cause. I live in Toronto, Ontario. Do you know anyone who may be interested or can think of a good use for this property? Thx, S.W.

Little Brother said...

What king of property are you dealing with?

I know that Outflow just purchased a former church on Waterloo Street to use as a homeless shelter.

S.W. said...

Yes, I know about Outflow - I have tried to reach them, but cannot find a contact. I saw your blog and decided I to also send you a message - you seem to know what is going on in Saint John. The property is a 5000 sq ft house - it was previously used as a rooming house. If you know anyone who may be interested, you can contact the real estate agent, Ron Young at Exit Realty. It is also on his website. Thanks so much, Sherri

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