Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Redevelopment of Paramount Site

Updated with refined numbers and new illustration.

It is likely that the Paramount Site will be used for parking in the near term after demolition is complete.

Here are some numbers to think about when dreaming of redevelopment potential (estimated from geonb.snb.ca/ mapping):

Paramount Site:                   0.3 acres
Lot beside Paramount:           0.16 acres
City Parking Lots behind site:  0.27 acres

If the above lots were merged with the corner lot (one storey office building): 1 acre

Total Development Land without tearing anything else down: 0.7 acres

paramount site

Compare this to the land area of other recent developments:

Abbey St. Andrew: 0.8 acres
Tannery Court:      0.6 acres
Leinster Court:      0.7 acres
Court House:         1.4 acres


Anonymous said...

wouldn't that be a great spot for a new Irving office tower. Close to their existing offices and uptown amenities.

Anonymous said...

I think saint john need to build a keg around there some were its a great place maybe even a sobys in the old bargen shop them spots are becomeing eye sores makes me sick when i look at them nice to see work going on around the city thow bu there letting this sit for to long and get to old...

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