Friday, August 23, 2013

Pedestrian Streets

CBC reports about the idea of turning some uptown streets into pedestrian-only areas.

This could be good for promoting patios of restaurants outside of the boardwalk area and could also encourage shops to spill sales and products out onto the streets.

While I get that a lot of people and businesses like the ability for drive-up parking, people may also enjoy being able to walk leisurely down car free streets to shop and enjoy themselves uptown.

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Anonymous said...

I think Prince William Street, from Princess to King would be a beautiful pedestrian street. With Water street so accessible, Prince William Street should open up for pedestrians to enjoy.

Open up the street for restaurant and bar use. What nice outdoor cafes they'd be.

Similar thoughts for Germain Street, although logistically more of a challenge given the parking lot entrances off Germain St. Maybe remove on-street parking and cut the street to a single lane and make use of the reclaimed space.

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