Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fundy Trail paving back on agenda?

I love the Fundy Footpath and appreciate that NB has some great undeveloped coast line available for hikers and adventurers.  I’ve complained before about the plans to pave a road adjacent the coast line to extend the Fundy Trail.  The bridge over Big Salmon River is proof that this extension of the parkway is intrusive and does change the appearance and feel of the natural area.

In an article on the 94.1 FM News website the NB Tourism Minister is references as saying that the “completion of the Fundy Trail” is a provincial priority (

I want to see a cost-benefit analysis that shows that the tourism industry in NB will benefit from such a massive costly project before it goes ahead.

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oggie said...

I too am concerned about the paved road and the fact it's ruining the experience. I was contemplating hiking to sealy beach this weekend, but I'm not sure I'm motivated now that there's a road part way there, and construction going on the rest of the way.

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